Addiction Treatment

Have you ever thought, “I’m not going to drink tonight” and find yourself drinking despite the promise you made to yourself? Have you ever tried to manage the number of drinks you have and after one, you don’t seem to care if you drink several more?

If you have asked yourself these questions, you may also be asking if you have a problem? Whether you are just contemplating you use, considering making changes, needing to talk to someone about options, or already changing your substance use behavior, you do not have to do this alone.

Addiction is a disease. One’s looses the ability to manage when or how much of a substance they use, and stopping seems impossible. Sadly, this disease often convinces its victim that he or she does not need help. It can also convinces the family that trying to help is futile. However, people before and after you find solutions. You can too.

I have worked with people struggling with substance abuse. As a drug and alcohol counselor, program director of detox and residential treatment facilities, and therapist, I have helped people to recover and find a way out.

I provide individual counseling, couples work, and support families who have loved ones experiencing addiction. Call for a free phone consultation to determine what might work for you and your loved ones.

More On Addiction

There are a lot of resource about drug and alcohol addiction. Please take a look at the Resource Page

Addiction Services

Substance Use/Addiction Education

Learn more about substance use, abuse and dependence and how each may be exhibited in daily lives. Understand more about recovery and sobriety.

Assessments and Evaluations

Do you need help to determine how substances and use affect your life and the lives around you?

Treatment Types and Options

You now understand what addiction is, how it affects the individual and the family, now what do you do about it. We will discuss options and together identify a treatment plan that matches your life style and needs.

Addiction Counseling

I provide individual, couples and family counseling to support changes in lives affected by addiction. Everything is confidential and I provide a safe environment without judgement.

Relapse Prevention

So now you have stopped using your substance of choice, how to you keep “stopping” and not fall back into previous behaviors? Relapse prevention is essential and we will come up with a plan to support you “staying stopped”.

After Treatment

After you or your loved one stops using their substance, life continues to happen. Learn how people work together to continue with life without their drugs and drink of choice. Life gets better every day.

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